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It's winter and we've got a bunch of cool things going on! Check out our cooking classes or come on in for Pizza night Thursdays! Pint and Pie for $16!!


Who we are

We're a little bit different, and that's the way we like it.

Hi. Welcome to Osteria Poggio. Let us tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do.




We source as much of our produce, dairy, seafood, and meats as possible from local farms, including; Birch Rise Farm (Sanbornton, NH), That Gals Greens (Plainfield, VT) and KREBS farm (Sanbornton, NH) to name a few.

We cycle our menu as close to the seasons as possible to make sure we're utilizing the best produce at the right time to ensure you're getting the best dishes we can make. We're a little bit different in our approach and are constantly trying to bring our own nostalgia for food and creating dishes focusing on Italian principles of cooking.

There is a nostalgia to food that we want to help you reconnect with; our palettes are capable of transporting us; when it comes to food (and life) don't ever be afraid to try something new; you might be shocked to find what you enjoy!

"'s more than sustenance; it's memory, it's your life. It makes you think about things that you haven't thought about before, or haven't in a long time. It's no different than listening to a song on the radio that you used to listen to when you were a kid. It brings you back..."  -Sweets, Chef



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