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Chef Kaylon Sweet. That’s what people think to call me, but truthfully I’m much more comfortable with the name Sweets. I got into cooking because I like to feed people. I guess I always have in regards to my life. Food has always made sense to me, and the ability to provide a need as well as a want for people has always made me smile. Osteria Poggio came about because my business partner and I wanted to do something with Italian food in the lakes region that hasn’t really been done. We focus on utilizing the best locally sourced products as we can. What that means for us is that we do our best to follow the principles of Italian cooking, using what’s local and available during the seasons. The menu is our expression of what we like to feed our friends and family, and most importantly we want you to feel at home in our home. I’m always looking to push to the next stage whether it be becoming more self reliant by making our own vinegars, stocking our larder with preserving and pickling produce, or offering a new take on dishes that I’ve always loved. 

Andy. That’s how I’ve always known him. It’s fortunate to be able to work with a close friend, and even more so when that person is as talented as he is. Where I work constantly on expanding my palate for food, Andy is constantly working on his palate when it comes to liquor. Andy has always been a bit of a renaissance man and has always liked the challenge of being self reliant. This need is what makes our bar program something that I haven’t seen very often. Whether it’s making his own bitters and tinctures, utilizing old school techniques like fat washing and making of shrubs, and always finding that little something that really makes a drink shine, Andy holds himself to a high standard. The most amazing thing about him is his ability to latch on to peoples nostalgia. With drinks like Timber and Flint, which is designed to make you feel like you’re having a nice whiskey by a camp fire, or You’re Killing Me Smalls, his homage to that classic scene from the sandlot, he has many stories to tell. 

Papadoc. He's our pasta guy. A retired surgeon who just wanted to keep busy. Or at least that's what he'll tell you. Papadoc and his wife, Sarah, are the people who helped to get this place up and rolling. I can't thank them enough every day for taking a shot on this place and really making it what it has become. A place to have a good meal with friends and family. Papadoc and Sarah are really the life blood of this place. Always impressive and always humble, he came to make pasta , and that is what he does for us here at OSteria Poggio. We don't know what we'd do without him. 

John. John has been with us since we first started OP. As with most of the crew here, myself included, we’ve all done a bunch of different jobs before we got the cooking bug. Passionate, talented and creative, John has risen up to the sous chef position through his handwork and dedication. The big secret about John though is his gift with baking. It all started off with making cookies for staff, and then quickly escalated to taking care of all of the pastry needs that we have. Most of Johns desserts have become staples here at OP, in particular his cheesecake. We’re grateful and excited to have John as part of the team. 


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