At Osteria P​oggio we ask ourselves a question. Can a restaurant be more than just a restaurant? This question has pushed us to really look at ourselves and the world around us, and begin to think about how we can best use our skills and talents to bring about positive change in our community. The answer was C.S.R. The literal translation is community supported restaurants, but the real goal is to offer peace of mind to all kinds of folks. For those who are in an alright place, to those who may need some help. Our hope is that we as a restaurant, and you as part of our community can bring about some positive vibes and change for our neighbors, friends, and even strangers. 

A C.S.R. is an amazing way to feed your family for a week with fresh scratch made food from your friendly neighborhood Osteria Poggio, and to also support in the effort to feed families who are in need. The world has been a bit hectic of late (which may be an understatement) but we as a community can come together and make sure that our neighbors who need help have it when it counts. Through every kit sold we are able to give out free meals for 2-3 families. So check it out, we book 1 week out for the next week, and enjoy the feeling of giving back.

We take orders the week prior with a cut off on the Monday before each pickup day. Our first pickup day will be on OCTOBER 21 and will be every Wednesday after that. Please make sure you leave your name and a phone number. Pickup time will begin at 4pm on Wednesdays and end by 8pm. So take a peak, and we can't wait to serve you. 


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