C.S.R's (community supported restaurants)

Here at OP we asked ourselves a question.... Could a restaurant be more than just a restaurant? Since we asked ourselves that question we've found avenues to build up our community and put good back out into the world. Through our own moxy and the moxy of our community we've been able to feed people in need, which got us thinking about CSR's.

A Community Supported Restaurant has even more ability to support it's community. So we've designed this CSR to be a one stop shop for families who aren't in need right now to have to have 4 days worth of meals with fresh, scratch made ingredients, ready and set for you. With each CSR sold we are then able to to help out another family. A Portion of the proceeds from each CSR box goes towards our community efforts to make sure that the people who take of use can also be taken care of.

We are looking forward to launching this program with our first pick up day being the 21st of October!


If you have any interest in being a part of this program, please give us a call at 603-250-8007 and provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

POP-UP Takeout and Delivery

Starting October 21 we will begin offering delivery, as well as takeout. While we will be shutting down our outdoor dining for the season, we are gearing up to make sure that we can still provide great food and service to our community around the lake. We will be offering delivery within a 30 minute radius from your friendly neighborhood O.P. as well as some exciting popup concepts as well. Some of our upcoming popup shops include our MAC and CHEESE shop called Return of the MAC, our BBQ concept called POGGIOS BBQ, and RAMEN CHOP SHOP to name a few. Popups will run for a two week period so there will be plenty of time to order in and partake in the deliciousness. Our regular takeout menu will be running throughout the duration. Give us a call @ 603-250-8007 if you have any questions.


With the help of Adam Drapcho,we are starting our podcast called UNREASONABLE. It's a conversation happening with our friends throughout the lakes region as well as focusing on things that we want to talk about here at OP. Stay tuned for more info and the release date of the podcast. 



We source as much of our produce, dairy, seafood, and meats as possible from local farms, including; White Oak Pond Farm (Holderness, NH), Moulton Farm (Meredith, NH), That Gals Greens (Plainfield, VT) and KREBS farm (Sanbornton, NH) to name a few. 

We cycle our menu multiple times seasonally, and our flavors and menu items are constantly changing! We hope that our passion and love for farming, food and cooking come through in our dishes! 

There is a nostalgia to food that we want to help you reconnect with; our palettes are capable of transporting us; when it comes to food (and life) don't ever be afraid to try something new; you might be shocked to find what you enjoy! 

"...it's more than sustenance; it's memory, it's your life. It makes you think about things that you haven't thought about before, or haven't in a long time. It's no different than listening to a song on the radio that you used to listen to when you were a kid. It brings you back..."  -Sweets, Chef

2018 NH Magazine Best New Restaurant

"Dish not to miss: meatballs and ravioli, a fall-inspired panna cotta and Professor Plum cocktail while dining in the cupola atop the building."

- Sarah Laughlin, Food Editor



Granite State has plenty of gorgeous historic homes, but sadly for those of us who are curious about their interiors, most are privately owned. For that reason, it’s all the more delightful when you find a restaurant located in an old-fashioned mansion and can enjoy the ambiance along with your meal. Of course, ideally, this comes with fantastic food, too! You’ll find both of those things at Osteria Poggio, a brand new restaurant in Center Harbor. It just opened last month, and it’s already taking the Granite State food world by storm. You’ll want to check it out for yourself to see why!

18 Main Street, Center Harbor, NH 03226   603-250-8007   

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