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It's Been a Summer...

Celebrating a summer of friendship and love at OP. It's amore! From hot pepper eating challenges, to dance offs, we've seen a bit of everything so far. Here's a look at our Summer and some fond memories from our opening months.

Just like "that" we blinked, and suddenly Summer was winding down! It's been an amazing first 3 months of business - and although saying goodbye is bittersweet; we have SO much to be excited for this fall. A huge thank you to our guests and all-star servers who have headed back to school, or are beginning new chapters in their professional lives. We couldn't have started this whole thing without you believing in us and supporting the OP mission when it was still just an idea. THANK YOU for everything, we'll miss you, and good luck in the next chapter!

It's in the nature of the food industry to see a lot of different people come and go from restaurant work, but it doesn't change how much these individuals affect us. Regardless of how briefly we are around each other, it's amazing what a lasting impact people can make in such a short time. Many friendships have been formed this summer and lasting memories made - and we couldn't be more grateful for the love that holds this place/work family together.

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