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Sweets Here, Coming at you live from the OP

Sweets here. Man has it been one amazing summer for us here at Osteria Poggio. We've had a lot of laughs, a lot of great meals, and most importantly we still love what we do. Summer has ended and we're saying goodbye to some of our original team members, which is always sad, but we wish them good luck and good vibes as they move on in their lives.

For those of us who are still here, we can't express how excited we are for things that are happening here at OP. First we just launched our weekly promos. 1/2 price wine bottles on Tuesdays, buy one get one 1/2 off entrees Wednesdays, $10 pie and beer Thursdays, and starting this Sunday we're doing brunch. We're hoping to see a bunch of familiar faces rolling in, as well as looking forward to seeing new ones coming through our doors.

Halloween is coming up too and we've decided that we're going to turn OP into a haunted halloween extravaganza for one day. It'll be a great chance for families to come and enjoy some fun together, as well as for those who just want a place to wear a custom, eat some good food, and enjoy some fantastic beverages whipped up by our main man mixologist Andy McClure. If you haven't had a chance to try one of his drinks come on in. They are blow your mind good.

I guess that I'll finish up saying a sincere thank you to everyone that has supported us. As with all things it's not always sunshine and rainbows, but the chance to get to make food for all of you fine folks always makes the little bad just disappear, and for that, we at OP, will be forever grateful. So come on in and say hello. We'd love to catch up, get to know you, and welcome you to our home. Until next time this is Sweets signing off. Time to go do some cooking.

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