Finding Motivation; what's yours?

Happy Friday, Internet! I'm back posting after taking a couple of much needed days off with the family to celebrate the 4th! In this week's vlog, I sit down with our new FOH manager-in-training, Steven Carlson (the handsome, bearded gentleman in the vest) to hear what keeps him motivated day-to-day in the industry. Enjoy a look at some of the day-to-day during a sweltering week, and hear a brief testimonial from yours truly.

Thank you as always to both our guests as and employees!! We're one big family here, and you guys all do an incredible job supporting us/each other. Since opening, it's been incredible watching all the moving pieces come together from the FOH to the BOH, and all points in between.

After a particularly tough week; give yourselves a much deserved pat on the back! It's been HOT, and we've had some major challenges but everyone just keeps stepping up. You're all rockstars and you guys inspire me every single day. Check out the vlog below!


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